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We will start your treatment session with a gentle spinal adjustment to unlock the vertebrae in the affected areas and then proceed with the approximately 20 minute decompression therapy.  The treatment is very comfortable and some people even fall asleep while being treated. The key to success with this procedure is that by creating a negative pressure in the intervertebral disc, it improves circulation to the disc. This aids in the overall healing of the disc and surrounding soft tissues, specifically the muscles and ligaments. In other words, the Spinal Decompression Treatment helps to rehydrate the disc, which has been typically dehydrating for years.

Some patients begin to feel relief with just a few sessions of decompression therapy, while other more complicated and serious cases may take 20-40 sessions before they begin to see results. Each individual patient has varying degrees of complications and severity, and must be treated accordingly.

 Along with Spinal Decompression, Dr. Dees will recommend specific strengthening exercises for the core abdominal muscles, as well as specific Chiropractic adjustments to achieve the desired overall effect of healing the damaged structures of the spinal column. require and to also provide long term relief to the patient. 

In most cases, Dr. Dees will also recommend specific joint related supplements, which will aid in supporting the body heal the affected disc and surrounding soft tissues. 


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